Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing for Local Business

Effective social media marketing is more than just posting a few cute pictures on your facebook profile. A successful campaign is a well thought out sequence of events focused on sales and conversions. Leadgen Direct has over been driving sales using social media since the early days of Facebook. We’ve been in the trenches and evolved with the massive changes that have happened over the intervening years. 

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See How Social Media Marketing Works

Icons representing various services: online grocery shopping on a monitor, a set of house keys with a keychain, a pet paw print with a stethoscope, and a document with a house symbol and checkmark. Plus, an icon for dental marketing to highlight specialized care.

We Get Results for Any Local Industry

Custom Tailored Social Campaigns that Drive Sales!

See How Social Media Marketing Works

How our Social Campaigns are Different

Building social campaigns that work for local businesses are a little different than what you’d expect. While most businesses focus their time and effort posting cute items to a small audience of people that already like your page, we build campaigns that reach thousands of people that are in your local market. 

Our ads are crafted to sell your product or service and we use state-of-the-art machine learning to target people in your local area that are in the market for your service. 

Person using a smartphone with notification icons for likes, comments, and messages next to an open laptop on a desk displaying social media content related to dental marketing.