Our Vision

Prime Local was founded with a single goal in mind. To provide high quality, digital marketing for local businesses that generate leads and deliver growth. The two founders James Petty and Jason Walkoviak both come from sales and internet marketing backgrounds.

By mastering local lead generation methods such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click(PPC/PPV), Video Marketing, Email Marketing, and Facebook these two experts have generated millions of dollars for local businesses.

Prime Local Executive Team

James Petty

James Petty first got into online marketing and lead generation for business in 2000. He quickly understood that if a business was to be successful in the new internet age they must have a profitable internet marketing strategy in place.

From there his journey has always been the same. How can businesses generate the most qualified new customers for the least amount of marketing investment online?

Whether that be SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Paid Traffic (i.e.Google Adwords, Bing AdCenter, etc.), Facebook, social media, display advertising, or an online review strategy, the bottom line has always been what works the best to get qualified new customers!

James has consulted with hundreds of business owners over the years, started several businesses himself, and helped successfully transform many businesses. Turning their businesses’ online marketing strategy into the cornerstone of new revenue– resulting in millions of dollars in new production and collections for his clients. All of this local marketing experience and knowledge has been distilled down to Prime Local. The lowest risk, high reward marketing dollars you can invest in your business.

Jason Walkoviak

Why do people do what they do? How do you motivate people to act in a certain way? These burning questions have always intrigued Jason and are exactly what attracted him to the fields of marketing, human psychology, and decision making.

He weighs these fundamental principles amongst many other factors throughout every local marketing campaign he conducts.

After graduating from the University of Texas in Austin, Jason gained marketing insight from real estate, human capital, medical and technology fields. Through his experience, he learned that while having a website is a good first step, it’s only the beginning. The goal of any marketing effort, both online or offline, is to cause a person to act. This expertise has allowed Jason to help both dental and local  businesses take control and actively shape their online marketing presence.