A flowchart illustrating a dental marketing process: a prospect visits your site, leaves to explore other sites, your ads appear on these sites, and the prospect returns to the original site.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing for local businesses is a marketing tool that allows you to stay in front of people who have visted your site but may not have reached out to contact you right away.  

After a potential client leaves your site, targeted ads are shown to them across various other sites that they might browse like Facebook, CNN and others.

Remarketing to your new and existing customers keeps your business and services visible to them, reinforces their awareness of your local brand over other competitors, and reminds them to come back and make contact.

Why Invest In Remarketing?

Local remarketing can be a cost effective way of keeping your business schedule full. Marketing reality is that the majority of people visiting your website will not contact you on the first visit. Normally, you only get one chance for them to contact you before they navigate to another competing business. But remarketing allows you to spend your advertising budget on people who have already shown interest in your business and recapture their attention at a later time. 

In simple terms, people like to do businesses with companies that are familiar to them and remarketing has the unique ability  to keep your brand front and center in the minds of your local market. 

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See How Remarketing Works

How We Help Remarket Your Customers

Illustration of financial technology concepts. Features a laptop with a declining graph, smartphone with a security shield, money icons, and elements borrowed from dental marketing visuals.

Smart Outreach Solutions

Most businesses think that just because they have a website, people will contact them. In reality, your website is only the first meeting and our remarketing campaigns follow up repeatedly, help build your relationship, make you a familiar face, and significantly increase the number of people who contact you. – increasing your overall lead count. Prime Local provides you with a smart outreach solution that brings customers back to your business. 

Smart Outreach Solutions

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See How Remarketing Works