Specialized PPC Marketing for Local Business

We specialize in in pay-per-click marketing for local and small businesses. In fact, we only work with local businesses so we know what works. Our goal is to work with your business and craft a sustainable, effective PPC marketing campaign that brings in new customers and leads to your business, helping you grow and scale in the process. 

Illustration depicting various digital tools, including a smartphone with a graph, a pie chart, a tablet, a laptop with a pencil, and a share icon. These elements can be perfectly utilized in effective dental marketing strategies to enhance communication and outreach.

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We Get Results for Any Local Industry

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How We're Different than Other PPC Companies​

At Leadgen Direct, we only do local marketing and have done so for over 10 years. While other fly-by-night digital consultants have come and gone, we’ve been around and have generated real-world results and helped build small single location businesses into multi-location, multi-million dollar businesses.