10DLC Restration for Your Business


Businesses that use SMS (test messages) to reach out to customers for regular day-to-day activities and marketing will need to register their business with carriers in order to have their text messages delivered. 
This is a new regulation was put into place by all the US phone carriers in order to reduce the amount of spam and unwanted text messages. 
This registration in required and all business that do not go through the registration process will have their messages filtered and blocked by the carriers by the end of August 2023.


We’re here to help you make registration as quick and easy as possible. To get your business registered we’ll need to collect some information and submit this to the carrier. We’ll do this on your behalf but we’ll likely need you to supply us with some business documents that include your Employer Identification Number (EIN).  These include:

  • W2
  • W9
  • CP575


Who has established the 10DLC requirement?

The 10DLC requirement has been put into place by carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. Non-compliance with these guidelines may lead to message filtering, phone number blocking, or additional surcharge fees by these carriers. This affects all businesses, regardless of whether they use Prime Local or another texting platform.

Why is it necessary for my business to register for 10DLC?

The need for businesses to register for 10DLC arises from the new regulations imposed by carriers for texting end users. Some carriers have stricter rules than others, and these are often based on a trust score and output, limiting the number of end users a business can text on a specific carrier. As marketing text messages become more prevalent, registration becomes increasingly important.

What are the advantages of 10DLC registration for my business?

Registering for 10DLC enhances trust within the existing messaging ecosystem. It offers transparency regarding who is sending messages and the nature of these messages. Registration allows businesses to send messages at a faster rate and helps to weed out “bad actors”, thereby reducing the likelihood of spam or abusive texting.

What are the consequences if my business does not register for 10DLC?

Unregistered businesses may experience filtering or throttling of their text messages by cellular phone carriers. This means that their messages may not reach the intended recipients as they are not recognized as coming from a “verified” business.